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20 February 2020
Brussels, Belgium
City Representatives meet Investors - Matchmaking Event

Current EIP-SCC Online Matchmaking event from 15-17 June 2020:

Explore-Shape-Deal: deliver resilience with your smart city project in times of COVID-19

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City Representatives meet Investors

  • Are you looking to make investments in the area of mobility, ICT or energy?
  • Is your city ready to redevelop certain areas?
  • Does your business offer a smart city product or service?

If you are a policy maker, a city/regional representative or a business representative, this event is for you.

Taking place in Brussels on February 20, our matchmaking event – promoted by the European Commission under the EIP-SCC Marketplace initiative – brings together city/regional representatives, businesses, and investors. It focuses on exploring and shaping opportunities for persons involved in smart cities projects.

This is the first event of a series of matchmaking activities. It offers a unique opportunity for the persons in charge of policy-making, representing cities / regions or offering advice to cities to learn from best practices, to present projects and to find investors. We offer you a forum for discussions, assist in the development of innovative urban ideas and will bring together urban innovators, developers as well as investors and private equity.

Why should you join?

This event fosters much needed collaboration between city/regional representatives, policy makers as well as business representatives and investors. This is a unique occasion to network and explore investment opportunities with key smart cities decision-makers such as local authorities, research institutions as well as leading smart cities and infrastructure investors.

What can you expect?

You can learn about existing smart city best practices in the areas of mobility, ICT and energy in our Explore Zone. Experts will assist you in shaping the concept of your planned smart city project or planned investments in a round-table format during our Shape discussions. Finally, you can engage in 1:1 meetings between solution providers and the investment community during our focussed Deal matchmaking sessions on Smart Cities and Communities (pre-registration required).

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Location CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL, Rue Gineste 3, 1210 Brussels
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Participants 96
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Netherlands 20
Italy 13
Germany 10
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Portugal 7
France 6
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Czech Republic 4
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Other 34
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